[Translate to "China: 中国"] Adhesive bonding – bonding composite materials

[Translate to "China: 中国"] Adhesive bonding is one of the most important joining techniques nowadays, also in automotive manufacture or in the production of aircraft. Adhesive bonding involves bonding smaller composite or metallic components. The application is also used in the manufacture of rotor blades for wind turbines. DOPAG systems dispense the adhesive either manually or fully automatically. For example, the application can be conducted in point and/or bead form.

The DOPAG gluemix, for example, is used in the wind power industry. The DOPAG eldomix has proven its worth for adhesive bonding in both the automotive and aerospace sectors.

[Translate to "China: 中国"] Metering systems for adhesive bonding

  1. compomix



  2. eldomix


    Eldomix 100/600系统是结构紧凑、无需溶剂、齿轮泵驱动的定量涂胶及混胶系统。

  3. gluemix