[Translate to "China: 中国"] Putty – applying putty to composite components

[Translate to "China: 中国"] In the manufacture of rotor blades, a wide variety of applications are used to make the exterior of the rotor blades stable and efficient. These include edge protection, leading edge protection (LEP) and high-quality surface protection, the gel coat. Although the highest standards of quality are respected during the manufacturing process, small irregularities on the surface of the blade may occur at the end of the production process. These cavities are generally filled so that the surface of the rotor blade finishes with a uniformly smooth structure. Putty material, a filler based on polyurethane with low to medium density, is used for this purpose. The two-component material can be mixed and processed using a DOPAG eldomix metering system.

[Translate to "China: 中国"] Metering technology for putty applications

  1. eldomix


    Eldomix 100/600系统是结构紧凑、无需溶剂、齿轮泵驱动的定量涂胶及混胶系统。