[Translate to "China: 中国"] Shimming – reliably compensate tolerances

[Translate to "China: 中国"] In the aerospace industry, most manufacturing is still performed manually and with the highest level of precision. However, when assembling composite components manufactured using RTM or infusion applications, subtle differences and unevenness may occur. The shimming method can compensate for such tolerances during the assembly process. For this purpose, a tolerance compensation compound, the so-called shim material in disc form, is applied to the appropriate area. It fills the tolerance gap between two composite components and ensures structural stability of the pre-assembled parts.

The two-component material can be prepared with the DOPAG eldomix metering systems.

[Translate to "China: 中国"] Metering systems for shimming applications

  1. eldomix


    Eldomix 100/600系统是结构紧凑、无需溶剂、齿轮泵驱动的定量涂胶及混胶系统。