ladomix: dispensing system for lamination

A system for the dispensing of adhesives in the packaging industry

The ladomix is ​​a compact, mobile metering and mixing system for lamination in the packaging industry. It processes solvent-free, self-leveling two-component laminating adhesives made of polyurethane in a mixing ratio of 100:100 to 100:10. The material is then dispensed into the gap between the rollers of the laminating machine and applied onto the outer film of the packaging. Lastly, the outer film is glued to the inner film.

Material containers with the capacity of 60 l are used for material supply. These are automatically refilled either by means of vacuum using a suction set included in the standard version or by drum pumps, which are optional. The material container fill level is being continuously monitored by a set of analog rod probes. Metering is carried out by high-precision gear pumps installed inside the material container near the bottom and below the material level. These are driven by three-phase asynchronous motors. Both gear pumps are equipped with ovepressure protection in the standard version. Ladomix features a static mixing system as standard, consisting of a 2K valve with a static mixing tube made of plastic. The mixing tube can be disposed of inexpensively after the material has cured so that elaborate and environmentally harmful rinsing is effectively avoided.



  • 不使用密封件以减少维护
  • 材料和空气之间无泵密封件(无材料泄露)
  • 材料罐无增压,无需空气干燥
  • 优化的材料处理条件


  • 可通过回填活塞填料,以避免生产停工(取决于粘度)
  • 使用填料泵时无材料损失(无需脱气)



  • 可移动控制柜
  • 材料罐含
    • 液位控制器
    • 真空泵连接件
  • 真空吸枪自动填料
  • 隔膜泵手动脱气
  • 具有过压保护功能的齿轮定量泵。齿轮定量泵安装在材料下方
  • 静态混合系统
    • 双组份混合阀
    • 一次性静态混合器
  • 采用实时多任务操作系统的定量计算机(可存储64个程序)
  • 触摸屏
  • 具有备份/恢复功能的USB接口


  • 填料泵
  • 用于滚筒通风的硅胶滤油器
  • 用于填料球阀位置控制的接近开关
  • 容器入口处的材料过滤器
  • 加热装置
  • 混合比控制器
  • 混合比调节器
  • 泵检查程序,包括旋转速度监测
  • 多种点胶系统
  • 外置USB接口
  • 每周/每日定时器
  • 液位控制器,具有交替开始/停止模式或连续控制输出频率和自动层厚计算功能

技术数据 ladomix

技术数据 ladomix
  1. 流量

    最高 4 l/min, 取决于混合比例和粘度

  2. 混合比例

    100:100 至 100:10, 按体积计算

  3. 最大工作压力

    最大70 bar

  4. 混合系统


  5. 材料供应

    材料桶60 l

  6. 粘度范围

    100 至 50.000 mPas (根据处理温度)

  7. 材料

    聚氨酯, 环氧树脂, 硅胶

  8. 材料特性


  9. 电源供应

    3 x 400 V / 50 Hz / 32 A

  10. 最大进气压力

    最大6 bar

  11. 尺寸, L x W x H

    约. 1,330 x 1,210 x 1,560 mm

  12. 重量

    约 470 kg